Monday 101017

Before and after the Del Mar Mud Run. We had a blast! Even those of us that don't consider ourselves "good runners" did well and were able to complete the 3.1 mile course without too much trouble. Our short, intense workouts at Foundry translate to the ability to do longer aerobic efforts like this mud run. I highly encourage everyone to look for ways to apply your fitness outside of the gym. The next run we're registered for is the Tram Road Challenge. It's a 6k run, straight up hill! The Tough Mudder is A bit harder, 11 miles of hills, obstacles and cold water.

Desert CrossFit is hosting a Barbells for Boobs event on Saturday, October 22nd. We need to join in the fun in support of sweater kittens everywhere! The WOD is "Grace" (30 Clean and Jerk, 135#). The $35 cost helps fight Breast Cancer, and it should be a blast, so click here and register! NO CLASS ON SATURDAY.

Back Squat 75% x 3 x 4/5

6 Rounds for time:
5 reps, Shoulder to Overhead, 155#
10 Burpees