WOD Tracking App for iPhone

Most of you are not taking advantage of the Wodlog website to keep track of your workouts. This is unfortunate, because I love being able to look at workouts from the past few years and see the progress I've made. When I did deadlifts for the first time on Jan 4th, 2009, I was only able to lift 205. Today my 1 Rep Max is 345, and my high rep deadlift is 255 x 15. Seeing my improvements over time keeps me motivated.

The first time I did "Fran" on Feb. 13th, 2009, it took me 6:48, and I have other times for this workout at 9:13, 4:24, 3:59, 3:28, 4:29, and 3:44. I don't geek out on the numbers, but I can get a pretty good idea about how my diet, sleep, and workout programming is working when my numbers are going in the right or wrong direction!

Many of you have an iPhone, so I'm going to give you another option to keep track of our workouts from your phone. I have been using this app for about two years, and it serves me pretty well. Search for this on the app store:

In addition to being able to track all of your lifts, row times, "girls" and "hero" workouts, it can also import the WOD from our gym from our website. Here's how... Tap the "more..." button on the bottom left:

From the above screen, tap "settings."

In the RSS feed box, type this: Http://www.foundrycrossfit.com/home/rss.xml 

Once this is done, you can tap "Workouts" and the top option will give you the workout of the day from our gym. Enter your time and scaling and you're done! No excuses!!! I hope more of you will begin to keep track of things, it does make a difference. If you don't have an iPhone, then... you don't have an iPhone! Just kidding... If you don't have an iPhone, spiral bound journals should be arriving this week, and will be selling for $20.