Monday 120220

This is a big week kids! The first WOD of the Open is announced on Wednesday, and we will be completing it on Friday. If you've registered for the Open, please come to the gym Friday at 5:00pm to do the workout in a competition setting. We will run the WOD in heats and each athlete will have a judge to verify their movement and range of motion according to the standards. I can barely wait!

Paleo Challenge Potluck is also Friday night at 6:30pm (after the Open WOD). If you're in the challenge, but not participating in the Open, please come early and cheer on your fellow athletes as they give their all. We'll dig into the Paleo goodness afterwards.

Saturday is the Tough Mudder in Temecula. Several of us will be submitting ourselves to an 11 mile run filled with obstacles and 10,000 volt electric shocks. Wish us luck, or come out and see it in person. We're not responsible if you laugh so hard you wet your pants! Walsh will be coaching our Saturday Class at 9:00.

Deadlift 80% 10x1

For max reps:
5 Minutes Double Unders
4 Minutes KB Swings, 53#
3 minutes Toes to Bar