Thursday 120322

Our best exerciser is poised to qualify for Regionals. Currently in 45th place in our SoCal Region, he needs to stay in the top 60 to qualify. This would make a three year goal a reality, and be a huge payoff for the work he's been doing on a daily basis!
Having trained with him for the last year I can say that he deserves to make it. He doesn't seem to suck at anything, is strong as hell, and I can count the times I've beat him in a workout on ONE HAND. He has helped me to be better and stronger, but I'll never catch him. He recently clean and jerked 305, back squatted 400, and is very close to a 500 lb Deadlift' add those numbers to an engine that won't quit and you've got a formidable exerciser!!
Sean will be performing the Last Open WOD between the 5 and 6 pm classes. I would like as many people as possible in the gym at that time to cheer him on. Blow off soccer practice, cancel dinner. Get yourself to the Foundry and root for this guy to crush some thrusters and chest to bar pull ups!

There will be a WOD of some sort tomorrow too...