Tuesday 120424

Snatch one rep on the minute each minute for 15 minutes.

Five rounds, each for max reps:
1 minute of 95# Overhead Squats
Rest 30 secs
1 minute of Double Unders
Rest 30 secs

I refuse to allow anyone to say that the athletes that work out at Foundry "suck," are "terrible," or anything similar. I heard this twice today and that was enough to make my skin crawl and motivate me to do something about this epidemic!
Who says things like this? We all do, and the person we are verbally assaulting is ourselves! We talk to ourselves in ways we would never think of speaking to someone else. We need to pay attention to our mindset and the way we treat ourselves.
Negativity is useless. CrossFit is hard. We all have movements that we are struggling with. Telling yourself "I suck!" during a round of thrusters WILL NOT make them easier. To the contrary, it will make them harder and heavier! Coach Glassman, who created CrossFit, says that the biggest adaptation in CrossFit happens between the ears! Try to train your mind, control your self-talk, and see if the difficult work we do doesn't become a bit easier.

Gym Rule #1- if you're caught talking negatively to or insulting yourself you will do 30 burpees.