Monday 120407

Here's Scott, Jolie (Andy's wife), and Andy after a 6K run on Saturday. I wanted to say how proud I am of Scott in particular. A year ago, running a 6k was probably the furthest thing from Scott's mind, but things are different now! To me, the fact that running a 6K even crossed his mind is great. The time he took to run it, of whether he had to walk at some parts doesn't matter! What matters is that he has changed his lifestyle, his mindset and his habits! Andy and Scott ran the 6k, then came to the gym afterwards to hit the WOD! Amazing.
This is also a testament to the benefits of short, high intensity workouts. With no long distance run training, they were able to go out and complete a 6k. A high volume of long, slow distance running is not necessary to prepare for a 5 or 6k run!

We're off to regionals in Pomona on Friday, so we'll be closed over the weekend. Come out to support Sean and see some Elite exercisers!
Friday 5 and 6am classes- as scheduled
Friday 8/9am- cancelled
Friday 5pm- cancelled
Saturday and Sunday 9am- Cancelled

Snatch Balance 5x3

AMRAP 3 minutes:
3 Hang Power Snatch, 95#
6 Overhead Squats, 95#
9 V-Ups

Rest 1 minute. Complete 5 rounds. Start Round 2 exactly where you left off from Round 1.