Monday 120730

A few announcements...

We will no longer be posting our workouts on, and instead will be switching over to StrengthDiary. You will still be able to access your info from LogWod, but please start using the new site. It would be fun if you would go through the trouble to set up your profile on the site too...

On Friday, August 24th we will have a night of competition (like we did during the Open) and a Paleo Potluck. Bring a dish, and your competitive edge, and spend the evening at the gym with your fellow athletes. We will start at 5:30, run as many heats as needed to get everyone through, and find out who's on top! The workout is:

AMRAP in 12 minutes:

50 Burpees

1000m Row

100 Double Unders

"But, I can't do double unders!", you say? That gives you one month to prepare, practice and refine your technique. We'll even give you time during class to pratice- 4 minutes a day until then! Here's a Demo video from a guy who considers Double Unders "rest."

Our resident strong as F#@% coach Michael Walsh is leaving us! He has taken a position at a high school in Temecula that he is very excited about. We would be happy for him if it weren't for all of the strength records he leaves behind for us to try to break... He'll be in and out for a while, so we'll see him again, but his farewell WOD is Wednesday at 3:30. He isn't able to attend a regular class this week, but if you're familiar with movements and comfortable with participating in an UNCOACHED workout to bid him farewell, join us!

Hatch Squats- Week 5 Day 1

Back Squat- 1x8 @ 65%, 1x6 @ 75%, 1x4 @ 85%, 1x4 @ 90%

Front Squat- 1x5 @ 70%, 1x4 @ 80%, 1x3 @ 85%, 1x3 @ 90%


AMRAP 15 minutes: 
15 Wall Ball 
10 Toes to Bar 
5 Shoulder to Overhead