Put The Water Down!

Prezell looks pretty comfortable in the Death Stretch.  

Prezell looks pretty comfortable in the Death Stretch.  

Are you really that thirsty, or just using it as an excuse to stop moving?

One of the things I get a kick out of as I watch people train are the ways in which they purposefully reduce their intensity. A favorite among many of you is the water break. 3, 2, 1...go! happens, one round of work is performed and then you stop to take a drink of water! You've been working out for :56 seconds. Is it necessary, or are you uncomfortable and need a hug?

I will not say that I never stop to take a drink during a workout, but you will almost never see me do so during a 5, 8, 10 or even 15 minute WOD. The human body is designed to work, and stores plenty of fluid to get through most of our workouts. If you're taking frequent water breaks it's either a bad habit you're performing unconsciously or you're looking for an excuse to drop the intensity of the workout.

Next time you hit a workout, leave your water in the cubby for after the WOD, and instead of picking up the water bottle, pick up the barbell.