Gene Williams

Gene found CrossFit at the end of 2008 and immediately fell in love with the training and results. He launched Foundry CrossFit in the summer of 2009 in order to help others improve their lives and fitness. He is one of just a handful of Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainers in California, a CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Trainer, and also holds certificates in: CF Endurance, and CF Kids, CF Gymnastics, and Movement and Mobility, CF Kettlebell, CF Olympic Lifting Trainer Course, and Olympic Weightlifting Trainer's Course at Catalyst Athletics. He has competed numerous CrossFit competitions, Olympic Weightlifting Competitions, Mud-runs and even a Sprint Triathlon.

Tiffani Williams

Tiffani has been a full time CrossFitter since March of 2010, and has attained her CF Level I, CF Level II, and CF Endurance, CF Kids, CF Olympic Lifting Trainer Course, and CF Gymnastics certifications. She also is a certified health counselor and uses her knowledge of nutrition to help support clients' efforts inside the gym with healthy habits outside the gym... You can't out-train a bad diet! Tiffani competed for the first time in the 2011 CrossFit Open, was part of the winning team at Battle of the Boxes.

Travis Crittenden

Travis has completed the CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Level II, CF Gymnastics and CF Olympic Lifitng Certifications. He began CrossFit in 2010. He coaches many of our 5 am classes and Foundations Sessions.

Lynette Rushton

Lynette began CrossFit in 2013, and has her Level II Trainer Certificate. She has had her second kids, and continued doing CrossFit right up until her second baby was born! She coaches CrossFit Kids Classes, CrossFit, and many of our incoming athletes through the Foundations sessions.

Sean McChesney


Sean is a firefighter and 100% CrossFit! He has been CrossFitting since 2009, has his Level I Trainer Certificate, and has been coaching athletes since early 2010. Sean has also competed in CrossFit events (placing 27th and 24th at SoCal Regionals in 2012 and 2013), Fireman Olympics, Frogman Competitions, Next Level Invitational and regularly places in the top ten among advanced males.