See what our members and visitors are saying about their time at Foundry.

Foundry Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways!
I am 56 years old and travel a lot and don’t always get a chance to eat right since I live at airports and hotels. I have tried every diet that I can possibly try and have worked out with many trainers. I have noticed a huge difference in so many aspects of my body and mind with Foundry Crossfit since I started.
My body is re-shaping, I feel so much stronger, I see muscle definition, I HANDLE STRESS better.
I have lost 30 lbs and feel better than I did when I was 30! And, I enjoy working out with the “Crossfit community” it makes it fun and challenging! Thanks Gene and Tiffani!
— Michele McDonough
Gene, look at the difference. I can’t believe it. Thank You!
— Mayra Cano
Being a part of Foundry from the first days in the garage I knew it was going to be a great place to train. I had been going to gyms my whole life. I was a Division 1 athlete but was currently a shadow of my former self. I started with CrossFit because a friend told me he thought I would like it. I was skeptical...I mean...I was paying some guy to work out in his garage! It was all worth it. Seeing how far Foundry has come is a great thing. Gene and Tiff are great coaches and friends. They got me in shape and educated me on a better way to exercise and a better way to live. The friends I made at Foundry I will keep for life. To see the success Foundry has achieved makes me proud and happy, Foundry is the best gym I have been part by some of the best people I have met. Thanks to all.
— Dallas Pulliam
My husband and I were staying in Palm Desert for a long weekend and we stopped by Foundry on a Saturday for a workout. The owner was super nice! And the gym was spacious and the members were welcoming. We did a fun partner workout. I felt very comfortable just dropping in. I would definitely recommend this CrossFit box.
— Danielle C.
Clean, organized and great layout. Seems odd to focus on those..but when you have been to a few boxes, you start to notice who takes care of their gym and equipment. You can tell Gene and the crew really care about this place and your experience at CrossFit. I stop in when I’m in town (from San Diego) and always have a great workout!
— Greg Lienhard
My wife and I visited Foundry for three days in early January 2015. Of the 20+ boxes I’ve visited across the US, this one is certainly in the top 2. Gene and Tiffani are amazing coaches and flat out good people on top of that. The athletes at Foundry were very nice and welcoming to guest. Truly and awesome Crossfit box. Great job Gene & Tiff! Thanks for letting us drop in on y’all.
— Travis Wilson