Friday 100402

My dad. He's come along for the ride 100% since I started this CrossFit adventure. He constantly pushes himself, encourages others, provides comic relief, and I couldn't be more proud. I'm not sure if it's his competitive nature or a desire to be fit and live a long, healthy, funtioning life that drives him, but at 55 he is running 5k's, doing olympic lifts, swinging kettlebells, and anything else I ask him to do! Even though he will eat ice cream and corn dogs for dinner if my mom doesn't cook for him, he is still able to come in and set PR after PR. Just this week he did a 135# Thruster (a 30# PR), ran a 3:12 800m (a 3 sec PR) and got 3 unbroken kipping pullups with NO BAND WHATSOEVER! (He started with the green band.) I hope to hell I have as much badassery in me when I'm his age!


5 Rounds for time:

225# Deadlift, 10 reps

20" Box Jump, 20 reps