Monday 110221

Paleo Nutrition Challenge Week 6! Time to measure our progress!

"CrossFit Total"

Back Squat 1 Rep

Shoulder Press 1 Rep

Deadlift 1 Rep

Three attempts max after warming up. Add three lifts together for your CrossFit Total.

The 1 rep max back squat you perform as part of the CF Total will be used to determine your improvement on the Back Squat as part of the Paleo Nutrition Challenge. We have written down what you back squatted 6 weeks ago, now it's time to see if you're stronger!

Everyone involved had done a great job of altering their habits, and incorporating healthy choices into their diets.  We have discovered that a plate full of protein, vegetables and healthy fat is not only yummy, but makes us look, feel and perform better!

Wednesday we will do "Jerry" again to measure our capacity on longer workouts. For the finale, we will do "Fran" on Saturday to measure our ability to produce as much horsepower as possible (not to mention our ability to breathe!). Please be sure to make it into the Foundry to get the WOD's done!