Testimony of a Foundry CrossFit Athlete


















Let me tell you about what Foundry CrossFit has done for me. In July of 2011, a couple friends (who have been athletes their entire lives) told me they were doing CrossFit in a different city. At the time I did not fully understand what Crossfit was. I told my friends that the extent of my CrossFit knowledge was the big orange letters on a window I drove by that said Foundry CrossFit. They convinced me to do what they called a "WOD" (Workout of the Day) with them and I was not a fan because it was a lot of work!

I thought that my membership at World Gym was going to be enough for for me...but it wasn't. I've always struggled with my weight since I can remember. I have done Atkins, south beach, weight watchers, 1500 cal a day, P90x, and then the plain old free weights in the gym and hitting the treadmill. Nothing I did got me even within 10 pounds of my goal weight of 185lbs.

I decided I had enough and knew it would take some hard work and some life changes to get the results I was looking for.  I decided it was time to call this place that I drove past everyday with the big orange letters. Still not knowing really what I was getting into, I called and agreed to come and do the free trial workout. The coach was extremely nice and asked me what kind of results I was looking for. "Pshhh! LOOSE WEIGHT!" I said...I thought that would be everyone's goal. Coach Gene just smiled and said lets get started. By the end of my intro workout I was an addict. I could not wait to go back. I just loved the feeling of accomplishment after every workout. It was perfect how the workout was only as hard as a pushed myself. Also, the group of people that already worked out there could not have been more inviting. Every person in there encourages everyone through every rep and every drop of sweat. I could tell from the very start by how organized the group was that the coaches took pride in what they did. I love now that I am a part of this team and I can't wait to go back every day.

I started the program at the beginning of August at 219lbs and on Dec 1st weighed in at 173 solid pounds. The group encouraged me to change my eating habits and actually quit smoking. I have never felt better or healthier in my entire life. This was that exact life change and motivation I was looking for.

CrossFit can really be for anyone...anyone serious about working hard and getting results. I thank Gene, Tiffani, Sean and the whole Foundry family for encouraging me all the way through. CrossFit probably wouldn't be as much fun and I wouldn't be as sore without this group. HaHa! Thanks Foundry CrossFit! -Austin