Monday 120326

An amazing group of athletes!


Well kids, the Open is over. We faced an unknown workout each week for the last 5 weeks, and gave each one our best. We experienced a higher level of intensity, pushed ourselves to new levels of performance, made some PR's, and even faced disappointment. All of this is what the Open is about. I congratulate each one of you who participated, and I hope you feel as proud of yourselves as I feel of you.

Some of the highlights that come to my mind were Scott getting three rounds of Toes to Bar when he thought he'd get none, Jessica snatching 60 reps and getting her first Chest to Bar Pull ups, John getting his first Chest to Bar Pull ups, Andy and Morgan getting a chance to try for muscle-ups, even if they didn't make it, and Kirby snatching 155 twice for the first time on an incorrectly loaded bar, then getting 165 twice just so he could sleep at night!

The scores are not final until Tuesday, but it looks like our team will finish in the high 70's out of 120 or so teams in So Cal. I'm very happy with this! Our team scores are determined by the top three male and top three female performances on each workout. What's neat about this is it gives each competitor a chance to help the team. Our scores are not just comprised of the same 3 males and 3 females. Here are the athletes who scored for our team:

Females: Erin, Cami, Anne, Christena, Jessica, and Tiffani

Males: Sean, Austin, Gene, Walsh, Arnold, Andy, and Morgan

I also need to mention and congratulate a certain someone who is very likely to be going to Regionals. Sean is currently in 54th place in So Cal.  The top 60 get to go to Regionals, so we will know for sure on Tuesday, but it looks pretty good! Mark your calendars, because we need to be there in large support for him! Regionals are May 11-13 and will be located at the Pomona fairgrounds.

It is impossible to perform at peak intensity 100% of the time, so this "season" was a great opportunity to push just a bit harder. Now that it is over, we are taking a back off week to allow for recovery. This week I want everyone to keep the weights relatively light, and pay close attention to form, technique, and work at about 70-80%. If you have a hurt area, now is the time to not use it, and let it get better. You've earned a few easy days!


Back Squat 5 x 3 (50-60% of 1 RM)

Weighted Pull Ups 5 x 3

AMRAP 15 minutes:

Row 300m

30 Sit ups