Tuesday 120612

Hopefully this is a thing of the past...

If you haven't heard, we had a member miss a box jump last week and the injury was severe enough to require stitches. One of our top goals at Foundry is to "Do No Harm" so this disturbed me a great deal. This is not the first time a box has wounded someone (see my shins above) and I regret each event. That is why we purchased, at great expense, two sets of slightly used soft impact plyo boxes. They are made of high density foam and wrapped in vinyl with, if their price is justified, solid gold bars in the very center. Mineo was kind enough to bring them back from Orange County for us, saving the shipping costs (thank you!).

We will still have the wooden boxes available for backup and for those who are willing to accept the risk, but I hope everyone will enjoy our new boxes and their soft shin saving (say that 3 times fast) edges!

Max Height Box Jump

10 Minutes to establish a 1RM Hang Power Snatch

3 Rounds:

90 seconds Power Clean, 135

90 seconds Rest

90 seconds Burpees

90 seconds Rest